Saturday, August 21, 2010

Custom Social Networking Software

Pearse Street Inc is excited to launch a newly developed social networking website . This custom social network is a redesign of the well established brand/website. The Pearse Street social software which has come to be known as the best social networking software that is fully customizable available was the perfect solution for .

Social Networking Software for Higher Education

Colleges and universities have been joining the ranks of the many entities capitalizing on social media. Why would a college or university want to have a social media presence. Well lets talk about it, what does an institution of higher education want? That is right boys and girls they want alumni donations and more alumni donations and also any extra money an alumni happens to have. What is one of the best ways to ensure an alum will donate "engage them", interact with them. That's not what I say it's what all the studies say. Another factor in milking the most possible charitable donations out of the alumni and there by increasing the glorious endowment is to "get the alum to donate early". Where are young Alumni? That's right on social media sites. How do they interact? That's right on a social web. So if your a university what you want to do is create your own social network, get alumni involved, use it to get them paying jobs from other alumni. Engage alumni with social media accounts on popular social networking platforms. One company who understands great value of higher education social networking software is Pearse Street. This company has created a social network software that exceeds the needs of any university. Pearse Streets first venture into university online community platform development was for Furman University. Realizing the value added to Furman University by the great product delivered this company decided to delve further into the development of university social software. Pearse Street speculates it's software will increase alumni donations by a minimum of 15%, increase the number of qualified applicants to universities, increase transfers and reduce the cost of tracking down alum emails to ask them for money. Is this the new wave, higher education social media . Will all universities have a presence on social media websites will they all have there own social networking websites.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Social Network Design

This is a new blog from Fuchsia McInerney the CEO of Pearse Street the social network design company.